With great success apparently comes a great amount of dumb. After celebrating the hit premier of their new show, “The Vampire Diaries,” five female cast members were arrested for flashing people from an overpass in Macon, GA. Nina Dobrev, 20, Sara Canning, 22, Candice Accola, 22, and Kayla Ewell, 24, were all rung up on disorderly conduct charges.

When Monroe County Sheriffs arrived the group said they were just taking promo shots for the show (if that were the case, we might actually start watching). According to one report, an officer checked the cameras that the group had and discovered various images of females hanging, sitting and straddling the bridge. One photograph even showed one female being held by her legs by the other female as if they were trying to throw her over. We can only hope that the almighty internet will leak these to us for our viewing amusement.


Here’s a taste of “vampire Diaries” or as we like to call it. Dawson’s Creek with Fangs.

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  1. Glad I don’t watch the local news! No news out of Macon is ever good. Though I am a fan of the squinty photo in the bottom row. Classy.

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