It’s that time of the year again. Everyone is doing their best to carve their scariest or geekiest Pumpkin. We say, screw that. Perpetuation of a pumpkin dominated Fall season has led to the unchecked proliferation of pumpkin spice. Something must be done. Something tropical!

That’s right, more and more people are turning away from tired old pumpkins in favor of the far more tasty pineapple. Besides, what are you going to do with a pumpkin’s insides? Make a pie? Roast some seeds? Maybe feed some of it to a dog with a stomach ache (this isn’t hyperbole, pumpkin is actually a great food for dogs with stomach problems)? With pineapples, you can do anything from make cocktails or upside down cakes to cook up a tasty Hawaiian chicken dish or even decorate a ham!

Now that you know the power of the pineapple, here are some Pineapple o’ lanterns to get your creative juices flowing.

Source: Nerdilicious