I wanted to post something that makes people think about good weather today. Texas is just starting to recover from Harvey, and here in Florida, we are Getting ready for Irma, it seemed like a good time to talk about the kind of story that you’d think about on a great beach day. Unfortunately, this great beach story about the world’s largest sandcastle takes place in Germany, nowhere near a beach of any kind!

The Guinness record sandcastle was built in the landlocked German city of Duisburg and was created by an international team of 19 artisans. By the time all 3,500 tons of compressed sand was cut and molded into shape, spectators were left in awe of a colossal statue that reached a staggering 54.72 feet into the sky.

When you check out the pictures, keep an eye out for all the famous landmarks from around the world that the artists built into the sandcastle, including the Buddhist temples of Thailand and the Greek Parthenon.

Source: Inhabitat

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