News of Tim Miller’s departure as director of Deadpool 2 has a lot of fans spooked. He did a great job on the first film, and a lot of people are concerned that it could have been ego clashes between Reynolds and him that caused the exit. After a little over a week of letting the internet rumor mill run its course, Reynolds is stepping up with an explanation of where things started to get tense in the post-production on the first film and his perspective on any clashes that might have occurred in the planning for the sequel in a new interview with GQ magazine.

On where tension started to develop:
Making the movie was very, very difficult. It was the most passionate group of individuals I’ve ever worked with in my life. And for whatever reason, that mercurial crazy burgoo of people is what made this thing work so well, not just because I had this vision and I saw it this way and it had to be this way. It worked because we all had that feeling. But there were vaguely scary fights in the post-production process that escalated quickly. Luckily, everybody’s grown up and at the end of the day enjoys and loves each other.

Reynold’s point of view on clashes leading up to the sequel:

I know when I need to exert control, and I know when I need to let go of it. I’m not gonna go and sit with Tim Miller and say, ‘The visual effects of Deadpool need to be done this way.’ The man is a visual-effects wizard. But there are character and tone things that I know really well. And I’ve also been with this thing the longest out of anybody, aside from the guys that wrote the comics. Eleven years I’ve been trying to get this Sisyphus rock up the hill, and it kept rolling back on top of me. So I’m gonna be all the fuck over it from the moment it starts to the moment it finishes.

SOurce: GQ