I have a lot of hope for Star Wars: Rogue One. It looks like it could give us a real feeling war movie against the backdrop of the Star Wars universe. The trailers have been spot on, and everything we’ve heard about Gareth Edwards approach to the film has been very encouraging. That’s why it was troubling to hear that Tony Gilroy had been brought in to do some reshoots.

While Kathleen Kennedy has said that the film is still Gareth’s film, rumors have swirled that the studio has bristled at the dark feeling of this “war movie” and they brought in Gilroy to add some fun and adventure back into the movie. The latest report has gone one further. According to THR, Gilroy is actually the one supervising the edits to the film with “input from Edwards.” The only part of that which isn’t quite so disheartening is that the same sources say that the two directors are at least working together out of the same editing bay.

I can’t say that every time a new director enters the picture that the movie is doomed. A prime example is Ant-Man. That was still a great movie. Was it the movie Edgar Wright wanted to make? No. Would his have been better? We’ll never know. Thankfully, the movie was good enough that it isn’t really a burning question. I just hope that I feel the same when Star Wars : Rogue One hits theaters later this year.

Source: THR