Adam Sandler hasn’t had the best track record at the box office in recent years and there’s a lot of guessing about his upcoming adaptation of Pixels… and if he and Peter Dinklage can successfully turn a three minute Youtube video into a full length comedy. It was reported a while back that Sandler, looking to the future, was partnering with Netflix for his next movies, and today we’ve got the cast listing for the first film, Ridiculous 6.

Joining Sandler in the film are Taylor Lautner, Nick Nolte, Blake Shelton, Whitney Cummings, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroyd, Will Forte, Nick Swardson, Terry Crews, Jon Lovitz, Vanilla Ice, Luke Wilson, Steve Zahn, Danny Trejo, Chris Parnell and Lavell Crawford.

It would be easy to assume that this movie is going to be garbage, but there’s a solid chance that he’ll gain a new level of creative freedom with Netflix that the studios have been stifling.