There’s been a lot of confusion over some of the casting choices in Marvel’s Netflix universe. Krysten Ritter is a great actress, but many are having trouble seeing her as Jessica Jones. That said, it looks like the casting for one of her villains could lead to some very entertaining television. It’s just been announced in the last few hours that David Tennant has been cast in the role of Kilgrave.

Here’s what Jeph Loeb said of Tennant’s casting:

Anyone familiar with David’s work knows he brings an incredible level of dedication to any role he inhabits, a level we knew we would need from the man playing Kilgrave. While most know him for his roles as a hero, we can’t wait to unleash a whole new side of this talented actor.

Tennant has been never failed to give a great performance. As great as he is as The Doctor, he might be even better in his role in Broadchurch. We’ve only ever gotten to see a dark side from him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and the idea of seeing him as a big bad is very, very exciting.

If you aren’t familiar with Kilgrave, he is also known in comics as “The Purple Man.” He’s a villain who manipulates people through pheromones.

Source: Collider