As much as I like to rail on Disney for remake after remake of their classic animated films, I am going to put the upcoming Winnie the Pooh film, “Christopher Robin,” in a different category. While I consider this movie to be a remake, I don’t think of it as a remake of Winnie The Pooh, as much as it sounds like a remake of ‘Hook.’ According to reports, the film will focus on a grown-up Christopher Robin, who is summoned back to the Hundred acre Wood to help Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, and the rest of his childhood pals.

As to who will be playing the role of Christopher Robbins, THR is now reporting that Ewan McGregor is currently in talks for the role. It isn’t all that surprising, given that his last Disney film, the live action remake of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ has already reached over 1.1 Billion Dollars at the global box office. My hope is that he signs on to the project with one caveat – He’ll be Christopher Robin as long as Disney finally gives him the Obi Wan film he so rightly deserves!

As far as other potential casting is concerned, no one has been named. That said, I’d be perfectly happy if they kept to the voice cast of the last Winnie the Pooh film from 2011. That cast includes:

Jim Cummings – Winnie the Pooh / Tigger
Bud Luckey – Eeyore
Craig Ferguson – Owl
Travis Oates – Piglet
Kristen Anderson-Lopez – Kanga
Wyatt Dean Hall – Roo
Tom Kenny – Rabbit
* As an alternate to Bud Luckey, I’d be more than happy to hear the voice of Peter Cullen coming out of the world’s most emo donkey. Many people don’t realize this, but Cullen is not only famous for being the voice of The Transformers’ Optimus Prime. For over a decade, he voiced Eeyore for Disney in tons of TV shows, videos, and games.

Here’s a great video of Cullen bringing the voices of both Eeyore and Optimus Prime together for Botcon fans.

Source: THR