For the sake of fairness, I listened to this entire Sh$! show all the way through. Wow, it’s bad. Dumpster fire bad.

Amazingly, the song is only getting 2:1 thumbs down. I think that makes it the best rated video connected to the film thus far. As to the 11,000 thumbs up that it’s got. I can only imagine that Fallout Boy sent out some sort of tweet to their fan base. They still have fans, right?

The original theme is so loved by fans that it doesn’t really make sense that they’d do anything like this. Bobby Brown knew better. When Bobby Brown has more sense than you, you are in trouble. Not only is this crap by comparison to the original Ray Parker Jr song, it’s even crap in comparison to Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”. You can cleanse your pallet with both of those songs, below.