One of the big questions that fans have been asking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is: Who is Felicity Jones? Fans have speculated that she could be playing anyone from Sabine Wren to Mara Jade. It turns out that she isn’t playing any character that we have previously heard of.

New reports have her playing a character named Jyn. While we don’t know much about her character, we do know that Jyn is supposedly the daughter of Galen. Galen is being played by Mads Micckelson.

As to whether she’s a new character or one from the existing Star Wars universe? We have no idea. In truth, Jyn is pretty much like the Jane of the Star Wars name set.

The code name that’s being used for the character on set is “Seal Leader Green”. That probably doesn’t mean anything special.

Source: Making Starwars