Despicable Me was a great movie. Despicable Me 2, not nearly as much so, and then the Minion movie was a steamy poop on a piece of stale toast. Now it’s time for Descpicable Me 3, or Despicable M3. In the new film, Gru is workin for the good guys along side his love interest, Lucy (Kristen Wiig). The baddie they are up against is South Park’s Trey Parker as the 80’s Obsessed Balthazar Bratt. How 80’s obsessed is he? Enough that you’ll be tired of the gag by the end of this trailer.

One interesting thing about the trailer is how minimally they are using the Minions. It looks like they might have learned their lesson on how not to use them in the Minion movie. With any luck, at least this movie will be more of a Despicable Me sequel and less of a Minions sequel.