Despite not bringing their movie division to SDCC this year, FOX is making big waves tonight with news on two major Marvel Comics movie projects.

First up, FOX is now officially confirming Chronicle Director Josh Trank as the director of The Fantastic Four. While the film will feature an entirely new cast (YAY!), it is not currently know if we will be going through a full origin story again or if we’ll pick it up with the first family of super heroes at a later point in their life.

Don’t get too excited though, Fantastic Four has to get in line behind a couple other Marvel/ FOX projects that need to get finished first. Namely, The Wolverine and The X-Men: First Class sequel by Matthew Vaughn.

Next up is the Man Without Fear, Daredevil. The studio has a script that they are happy with, but David Slade just dropped out of the directing position. Now FOX has to scramble, and scramble fast. if they don’t get the film into production by fall, the licence could revert back to Disney/Marvel… and I’m sure the house of mouse would love to see that happen.

Marvel isn’t the only pie that FOX has its fingers in. They also just announced that Joe Cornish will be directing Rust, a family friendly E.T. style adventure film based on the novel written by Royden Lepp.

Source: Deadline