It’s pretty much unheard of that any movie makes it from the camera to the screen without some casualties ending up on the cutting room floor. In fact, James Gunn has come out and said that around 13 minutes of footage was cut from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ so it could make the proper length for a theatrical release. And, before you get all excited, he’s said that only a couple minutes of it will make it to the Blu Ray.

There is one scene that he cut that even he thinks is so cool that he plans to eventually share a photo of it on social media. He went as far as to say that this scene might have the most Easter Eggs of any scene in the film:

“Unfortunately we had a sort of terrible cutting — one of our scenes we cut was with Grandpa Quill on earth, and we had a lot of Easter Eggs in that scene. As much as we had in the collector’s museum, probably more.”

Source: Collider

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