I’m not really sure I’d call this groundbreaking news. We pretty much already know that Darksied is the big bad for the Justice League, but Zack Snyder is now telling reporters that something bigger is coming… or is he talking about bigger than Doomsday, the demon baby that he’s got coming in for Batman v Superman.

Here’s what he said to Obsev.com:
“We’re working on ‘Justice League’ right now, right?” said Snyder. “In a weird way, ‘Justice League’ is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team. Maybe there’s a bigger enemy to fight.”

One of the main problems with this whole universe for me is that it’s rushed. In Marvel, Thanos has been given a chance to build up as a threat. I’ts going to be challenging for WB to create any real threatening feeling while also bringing together a cohesive team.

I’ve got a feeling that we probably won’t actually see Darkseid until part two of Justice League. First we’ll probably have to deal with Braniac, which is fine with me, but hard to balance. It is very easy to turn Braniac into something very stupid. Just look at what almost happened with the Nick Cage Superman movie that almost was.

Source: Collider