If you’re only experience with Elektra is Daredevil Netflix series, than you probably think that you’ve seen the last of character, but anyone who has read the Daredevil comics knows she’s got more lives than a cat. While the new teaser doesn’t actually show Elodie Yung as Elektra, or at all for that matter, the little snippet of footage is enough to let comic book fans know that death is just a short nap for famous assassin.

If you have any doubts after watching the video, consider that Elodie Yung posted this tweet just moments after the video hit the internet:

Did you get your beauty sleep #Elektra? ⚔️⚡️ #Defenders #DEFEND

The Defenders premieres August 18th on Netflix and stars:
Daredevil/ Matt Murdock -Charlie Cox
Luke Cage -Mike Colter
Jessica Jones -Krysten Ritter
Iron Fist -Finn Jones
Karen Page -Deborah Ann Woll
Misty Knight -Simone Missick
Foggy Nelson -Elden Henson
Malcolm Ducasse -Eka Darville
Trish Walker -Rachel Taylor
Jeri Hogarth -Carrie-Anne Moss
Stick -Scott Glenn
Colleen Wing -Jessica Henwick
Claire Temple -Rosario Dawson
Sigourney Weaver -Alexandra
Elektra -Elodie Yung