It’s nice seeing American animation embracing the fact that cartoons don’t just have to be family fare. It opens up an insane amount of possibilities when it comes to storytelling and including elements that would have been either impossible or too expensive to include in live action.

It looks like that’s exactly what we’ll be getting with Justice League Dark, the new animated feature from Warner Bros and DC. In the movie, Batman will team up with john Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan, to find out why demons are invading the earth.

The tone is dark and the violence is a lot more than you’d normally get in the typical DC animated feature. In fact, it’s dark enough that the film is being given an R-Rating for for disturbing violence.”

Justice League Dark finds the world under attack from supernatural forces that prompts the Justice League’s Batman to seek aid from occult investigator John Constantine. Constantine forms a team of other supernatural superheroes — Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon — to help save the world.