It’s hard to miss all the rumors about Star Wars Episode VII and the other upcoming films in the franchise. I feel like we’ve got more to tell about the movie every single day. One of the biggest rumors in recent days was of a major tie-in between the film and the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series on Disney XD. Now is it looking like that rumor closely fits a new strategy to use the new films as a way to “Redefine Longform Storytelling.”

Unlike the original trilogy, this third trilogy is being planned out from the beginning, according to a Lucasfilm employee who recently spoke to Badass Digest. By doing this, it makes it easier to create a giant universe of tie-in material that helps flesh out the new reality of the Star Wars Universe.

Badass is reporting:
“It’s all going to matter, and while people won’t have to read the book and comics or watch the animated series, they will be rewarded for doing so.”

Source: Collider