Deadline is reporting that Stephenie Meyer, the creator of the Twilight Saga and the writer of the new book/ film, The Host, will be bringing a special treat to fans when she appears at Thursdays’ Twilight Comic Con Panel. Our guess is that it will be a first look at footage or possibly a trailer preview.

The Host is Meyers’ first science fiction novel, and focuses on a parasitic alien soul injected into Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), one of the last human holdouts trying to resist the alien invasion. Initially bent on breaking the girl’s spirit and thwarting the resistance effort, the alien soul becomes obsessed with her memories and free will.

The Twilight panel tends to be one of the most popular at Comic Con, with fans lining up days ahead. Yesterday, one fan was accidentally killed when she fell in front of a moving car on her way back into line.

Source: Deadline