Animation director Emil Goodman releases the trailer to his feature film ‘Henry Waltz’. Not much information on this film yet but it is scheduled for release next year. This looks like one hell of an insane ride according to this trailer.

Like his other work it’s quite visually stimulating and we can hope it has solid story bringing all this visual greatness together. Even if it doesn’t I think it looks like a film you can sit back get relaxed and just enjoy the stream of consciousness visuals fluttering past your eyes. The website doesn’t give much info on this spectacle of crazy awesome but hopefully we’ll have more information on this soon!

For more on ‘Henry Waltz’ check out the YouTube page.

For more on Emil Goodman check out his YouTube Channel.

If you are unfamiliar with this style of animation, think of it this way. Imagine that someone took elements of steam punk along with great films like Metropolis and Dark City. Add just a hint of LSD and shake vigorously.

Henry Waltz trailer

Henry Waltz created by EMIL GOODMAN special guest director MENZKIE produced by MATE VARGA associate producers DANIEL KRESMERY and LUCA BEROVICI music composed and orchestrated by PASCAL AYATTI sound design PASCAL AYATTI music performed by the HUNGARIAN STUDIO ORCHESTRA with BALAZS BUJTOR technology supervisor BENCE SAMU edited by JUDIT CZAKO and PETER RADAY directed by EMIL GOODMAN