As we reported a couple weeks ago, the upcoming Michael Bay raping of the TMNT legacy has been pushed back. Now we have word that the script was leaked and that Teenagage Mutant Ninja Turtle Co-Creator, Peter Laird got his hands on it. Let’s just say that he wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Word is that the script that was leaked is the reason that the film has been pushed back. They need to make changes to it. The only problem is, Laird doesn’t think that you could change it enough to make it not suck. I’ll just shut up now and let you read what he had to say on his blog.

I think the script that I read is so fundamentally flawed, and — more to the point — so NOT a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, that trying to make piecemeal changes to it in an effort to make it into something halfway decent is probably a fool’s errand.

In my opinion, the thing should just be tossed out, deliberately forgotten, and the process of generating a new script really a new outline, then treatment, then script — should be started again. I have no insider knowledge of what’s going on with the movie, but from the bits and pieces that have slipped out, it seems like that may be exactly what is happening.

While we’re on the subject of this script… I have to say that while reading it, and especially reading the last twenty pages or so, I couldn’t help but think of the brouhaha which erupted a few months back when Michael Bay was heard to say that in the upcoming movie, the Turtles would be revealed to be “from an alien race”, and following that, all the mental gymnastics indulged in by people who wanted to parse his words and make it seem like “No, he didn’t REALLY say they were going to be ALIENS!”… and then this script makes it way out onto the Internet, and if it is legitimate, it’s painfully clear that YES, the Turtles WERE, in fact, going to be ALIENS.

Check out the fill script review from the gang over at Latino Review:

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