• Publisher:Switch 2 Health
  • MSRP: $19.99

Switch 2 Health Fitness Watch

Hands down, this is one of the coolest gifts we got to test out this year. The Switch 2 Health watch is more than just a watch. It is a way to earn cool swag while shedding pounds!!! There’s a sensor in the watch that measures your activity and will credit you for 60 minutes of vigorous activity a day (Slip it in your sock if you are biking). After you’ve accrued an hour of sweatin to the oldies, just upload the code on the watch to the website and it banks 60 points for you.

Here’s where it gets awesome. You can trade your points for anything from MP3s and ringtones to gift certificates or even full console systems like PS3 and XBox 360. It’s great motivation to get moving for someone of any age. It is also a great tool for parents who have chubby kids with expensive tastes. Make them earn their own stuff with sweat. You’ll save on shopping and future medical bills!

Get yours today at: S2H.com

  • Publisher:Origaudio
  • MSRP: $29.95

Origaudio Dynamic Duo fold and play recycled speakers

Attention anyone with hippy tree hugging eco freak friends. This is the gift to stuff their stockings with this year. These speakers fold up flat so they take up no room and they are made from completely recycled materials. That’s like… no carbon footprint man.

We tested these speakers on all the eco freak music from Ani DiFranco to Nick Drake. It even worked on music made by people who eat meat. Either way, giving a pair of these speakers tell the person that you care about that you care about the planet and you care about their taste in music. Personally, we just thought it was cool that they fold up flat so you can take them with you and they actually give a pretty decent sound.

Get yours today at Origaudio

  • Publisher:Gelaskins
  • MSRP:$15.00-$30.00


This is a great gift for anyone you know who likes to customize the look of their gadgets. Gelaskins works with a bunch of pop culture companies and amazing artists to put their artwork on these skins that you can use to cover anything from your iPhone to your lap top or even your console system. It’s just sweet looking art that helps you put your stamp on your gear. Here’s some good advice though. Unless you 100% know what your gift getter would love the most, just give them a gift certificate. The library of art is so amazing that they’ll want to choose for themselves. Also, if they would prefer, they can even upload their own photos or art and turn them into a skin.

Get yours today at Gelaskins

  • Publisher:Spairz
  • MSRP: $10.00

Spairz Panties To Go

Ok, I’ll be honest… I didn’t try these on. Well, I did put a pair on my head, but just for a minute and it was a dare. As a guy, I don’t really get this, but every Female that we’ve asked have said these things are awesome. Spairz are emergency spare panties that are compressed down to the size of a pack of gum. You can keep them in your purse or pocket. You can throw a few pairs in your carry on luggage. They are exactly what they say they are… but more than that, we think that they are the one special thing you can stuff someone’s stocking with this year that they are guaranteed to remember.

Get yours today at Spairz.com

  • Publisher:Kombi
  • MSRP: $30.00

Kombi Touch Screen Gloves
I moved to Florida just so I wouldn’t have to use stuff like this, but most of you live somewhere that’s cold right now. For you, these Kombi Gloves are a great thing to have in your pocket. They are comfortable and good looking gloves that solve the biggest problem of any tech savvy snow-bunny. They will still let you operate your touch screen on your smart phones. I tried them on to see how they worked and they do a great job. They are also super comfy. Then I took them off… because it is 83 degrees outside. They come in men’s and women’s sizes in grey/black print for men and black/blue print, grey/fuschia print and black/purple print for women.

Get yours today at Kombi Sports

  • Publisher: Geeksoap
  • MSRP: $5.00- $7.00 each

Geek Soap Epic Pop Culture and Gaming Soap

Geeksoap… if you’ve been to many conventions, you’d almost think that those two words don’t go together… though lord knows they should. This was one of those items that we tried out and felt like it really just had to be in the guide. They make tons of the coolest soap that we’ve ever seen… everything from Warcraft Runes to perfect replicas of cartridges from just about every console you can think of. They even have soap that have growing figures and multi- sided dice inside. If you know a geek who likes to bathe… this is a great gift for them.

Get yours today at Geeksoap.net

  • Publisher: Strapya
  • MSRP: $20.60

Studio Ghibli My Neigbhor Totoro Petite Music Box Ball Chain (Neko Bus)

There’s not really much to say here, just.. if you have someone in your life who likes the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”, than this is a great stocking stuffer for them. It is just a nice little music box that they can keep on their desk or wear on their key chain. It features the unforgettable cat bus from the film and when you turn the crank, it plays the theme song from the film. No, it isn’t battery operated, it doesn’t play a midi file, this is old school music box goodness and is guaranteed to get you a hug.

Get yours today at Strapya

  • Publisher:/li>
  • MSRP: $19.99

Expendables DVD Blu Ray Digital Combo Pack

It’s the chest pounding, testosterone pumping popcorn movie of the year. Expendables is the perfect gift for any action movie fan. Why? Because almost every major action hero is in the movie. It’s like an all-star game! Everyone from Stallone to Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and even Jet Li are featured in this movie.
The Combo pack is the way to go on this because it has the regular DVD, the Blu Ray and a digital copy as well for your ipod or whatever device you like. There’s also tons of great extras like the Comic Con Panel and some great behinds the scenes footage and documentaries. I had a lot of fun watching this. In fact, keep an eye out for a full review on the site shortly.
Get yours today at Retailers Everywhere

  • Publisher:Gemmy
  • MSRP: $19.98

Mechanical butterfly

You ever try to catch a butterfly in a jar? It is pretty cool for the first few hours… then they die. That is what makes this a clever little gift. It is essentially a mason jar with a robotic butterfly in it. As long as you aren’t staring at it super close, the litter bugger looks real and when you touch the jar it actually reacts. It’s sitting right in front of me now and I have to say, it is pretty darn cool. All you need to keep this thing alive are three AAA batteries and it is like you spent the whole afternoon outside running around with a net… but you never have to leave the safety of your desk.

Get yours today at Gemmy

  • Publisher: Chinavasion
  • MSRP: $5.87

Digital Pocket Breathalyzer

This is one of those things that isn’t super fancy or very special, but is just a smart thing to get and it only costs six dollars. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to test.. Who doesn’t love drinking just to see if a breathalyzer works… It does. If you are hosting a holiday party this year, or if you are going anywhere where you or someone you care about is drinking, this is just one of those things that makes sense to have in your pocket or purse.

Get yours today at Chinavasion

  • Publisher: Strapya
  • MSRP: $12.30 Per Pair

Star Wars Chop Saber Chopsticks

OK, I really don’t have a lot to say here… just, wow. If you like to use Chopsticks and you like Star Wars, get these now. The look great. Each set is actually modeled off of the look of a specific character’s light saber. You can get them in Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Mace Windu. It’s a geeky sushi lover’s dream come true!

Get yours today at Strapya

  • Publisher:Mimoco
  • MSRP: $34.95

Mimoco Designer Mimobot 2 gig USB Flash Drive

Don’t you just hate those plain, boring USB Flash Drives? Mimoco has been around for a few years, but they still are the kings of bringing a little bit of style to the world of portable memory storage. Their Mimobots are almost part vinyl figure and part USB… but they aren’t vinyl. They just feature some great work from vinyl artists like the Tokidoki design below. They also have great designs from Star Wars, Hello Kitty and Halo. We loved playing with these little guys an think that they’d make a perfect gift for the geek in your life.

Get yours today at: Mimoco

  • Publisher:Uncle Milton
  • MSRP: $14.99-$19.99

Remote Control Lightsaber Light
Night lights are for babies… Light Sabers are for young Jedi! There’s not really much to say about this other than it makes for an awesome room addition to a kid’s bedroom. I will say this though, this isn’t something you want to be swinging around like other light sabers. It is really meant to be on the wall at all times.

What makes it cool? Simple, it’s a freaking light saber… on your wall!. Your kid can operate it with a remote control next to their bed if they need a little bit of the force to help them sleep. They can also change the color so it can be the lightsaber of their favorite character. This thing is just super awesome!

On a side note, this has some great uses beyond the kid’s room. If you are looking for an affordable way to add some geek accent lighting to your game room, this is the way to go.

Get yours today at: Uncle Milton

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