It is almost time for Disney’s Star Wars Weekends again. This year, it takes on even more meaning because Disney now actually owns Star Wars. Along with all the attractions and special events, Disney always comes through with some pretty epic merchandise. This is the 30th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi, and Disney has created a ton of exclusives for fans of that movie and the whole original trilogy!

I think the prize that everyone will be hunting down is probably the the latex replica of Salacious Crumb. There are also some really cool Star Wars Muppets exclusives that include an Uncle Deadly Emperor and Bean Bunny as Wicket The Ewok.

Cars fans are going to love the set of Return of the Jedi themed cars. I’m going to have to try and snag myself a Darth Mater.

There’s also plenty of plush and the pins that collectors go freakin nuts for. Check them out below.


Source: Geeksaresexy