It is a sad tale, but one that we’ve all experienced… You fall in love with a woman in a costume, get to know her, but you don’t get her identity before you part ways…

The song is called Selina, I’m a Wreck and it is from Todd A. The song is good on its own, but the video makes it even better.


One hot July afternoon
you slunk by in your catsuit
I touched your back. We talked for a second.
Now you’re into me bad, I reckon.

Selina, I’m a wreck since you walked away
all the time, almost every day.
I’ve been hoping that we’ll meet again.
Maybe it’ll be at the next convention.

I ran into someone who knew you.
She told me what you might be up to.
So in your Gotham haunts, I’m lurking
but my search for your alter ego isn’t working.

I will cosplay with you
as long as I’m not the fool
cause I’ve played that role
and I know enough now to say no.

Source: Geeksaresexy