Hasbro held their 2013 fan media even at New York Toy Fair and provides an overview of what’s in store for their 2013 Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Transformers lines.

Star Wars
-Black Series: they wanted to capture that iconic, scene-specific shot and bring it to life in a new scale. Figures should resonate with SW fans and collectors, and create an emotional connection back to the scenes that inspired them. 6″ figures were born.
-Wave 1: X-wing Luke, Darth Maul (dual lightsaber and cloak), R2D2 (jet packs, probe), Sandtrooper (backpack, pistol, rifle)
-3.75″ Black Series: Anakin, Clone Trooper Sergeant, Bike Scout, Darth Vader (Bespin Trap), Clone Pilot, Luke (Yavin Ceremony), Padme (Geonosis Arena) Biggs Darklighter
-Saga Legends 3.75″: $5.99 price point, 5 points of articulation, 12 figs in Wave 1
-Mission Series 3.75″: $9.99 price point, buddy packs, 5 points of articulation
-Class II Vehicles 3.75″: Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (new for Fall)
-12″ Figures: Anakin, Clone Trooper, Obi-Wan, Vader
-Anakin to Vader Figure: blue light-up light saber, when you put the helmet on you get the transformation into Vader with sound and lightsaber turns red
-Retailer Exclusives: Battle of Geonosis (Vintage Republic Gunship) – Yoda, 2 Troopers, figures will be able to go in turrets
-Bigg’s X-Wing Fighter
-Darth Vader Origins (4 figures and operating table)
-Scanning Crew Pack 1
-Scanning Crew Pack 2
-Vintage Ewok Catapult
-Darth Vader Evolution Pack (online)
-Vintage Tie Interceptor (Amazon) figures not included
-Slave I (Amazon) w/Han Solo in Carbonite Figure
-Jedi Force: 5″ Figures – all new scale
-Angry Birds: New cast of characters, and new toys

-Spiderman Power Webs Figures Wave 2: Doc Ock, Web Wingsuit Spidey
-Power Webs Stund Launch Spider Cycle (as seen in the animated series)
-Power Webs: Rapid Fire Web Blast Spidey (new for fall)
-Spiderman 6″: Wave 2 – SHIELD Tech Spidey, Tentacle Attack Doc Ock, Web Whirlwind Spidey
-6″ Wolverline LIne: on shelf 6/1/13 – Astonishing Wolverine, Sabertooth, Emma Frost, Cyclops (Current), Rogue (modern), Puck
-Wolverine All-Star: Logan, Sword Slash Silver Samurai, Warrior Claw Wolverine, Shadow Strike Ninja
-Iron Man 3: in stores 2/11/13
-Iron Man 3: Assemblers Figure Assortment more figures in the Fall
-Sonic Blasting Iron Man, Sonic Blasting Night Ops (available August and glows in the dark)
-Iron Man Micro Muggs: 24 to collect, blind boxed
-Iron Man 3 Legends: wave 2 – IM Mark 2, Iron Patriot, Ultron Classic (available in May), Iron Monger is build a figure
-Avengers Assemble: all new animated series to air on Disney XD
-Avengers Assemble: Micro Mugs Multi-pack (4 figs), 3.75″ Action Figs: Cap, Hawkeye, Red Skull (available Fall)
-Thor: The Dark World – 3.75″ Thor, Dark Elf, Loki, Thor
-Thor new role play toys
Marvel Universe
-3.75″ Rhino, Capt, Mysterio, Electra, Baron Zemo, Cloak and Dagger, Abomination, A-bomb, Black and White Iron Man
-Team Packs: Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost
-Mighty Thor Packs: Valkyrie, Thor, Skurge
Marvel Legends
-Build a Figure – Hit Monkey (Wave 1)
-Scarlet Spiderman, Black Panther, Wrecker, Bulldozer, Modern Hawkeye, Classic Hawkeye, Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey, Jean Grey, Phoenix, Rocket Raccoon (has articulated jaw) – Wave 2 Build a figure
Wave 3 – modeled after the Thunderbolts will see at SD Comic Con

GI Joe
-10″ movie ninja commandos
-12″ Movie Figures (Roadblack, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow)
-3.75″ Movie Figures: Firefly is coming back out
-3.75″ Movie Figs: Ultimate Flint, Ultimate Roadblock, Budo Samurai Warrior, Ultimate Storm Shadow, Ultimate Cobra Commander (hood and masked), Data Viper, Kwinn (should show up early as May)
-3.75″ Movie Figs: Wave 4 are hard to find and remix
-Showdown set: Tactical Ninja Team, Cobra Invasion Team
-Alpha Cycles: Night Landing Raft w/Cobra Eel (Paramount added a new Cobra landing scene for the film at the end)
-Eagle Hawk Assault Chopper for Fall

-Beast Hunters will run through all toy lines and comics (including Bot Shots and Kre-o)
-IDW is publishing the Beast Hunters comics
-Beast Hunters digital will be available 2-18-13
-Beast Hunters Legion Scale Soundwave, Prowl, Gun-gurrr
-Beast Hunters Commander Scale Starscream, Shockwave
-Beast Hunters Deluxe Scale Ratchet, Dreadwing, Skystaker
-Beast Hunters Voyager Scale Shockwave, Ultra Magnus, Grimwing
-Beast Hunter Optimus Prime w/spinning dragon cannons
-Beast Hunters Beast Fire Predaking (Target Exclusive)
-Hunt & Battle Online @ transformers.com

Transformers Construct-bots
-Transformer you build and can convert to different modes
-The modular system allows you to customize and a new way to experience Transformers
-Using G1 designs, new way to collect your favorite G1 characters
-Scout Wave 1: Ironhide, Starscream
-Elite Wave 1: Wheeljack, Soundwave
-Triple Changers Wave 1: Bumblebee, Blitzwing
-Ultimate: Optimus Prime, Megatron

Transformers Generations
-Celebrating 30th Anniversary
-Partnering with IDW for comic (comic characters line up with toy line)
-Doing comic pack-ins in deluxe scale (wave 3): Bumblebee, Megatron, Trailcutter, Orion Pax (comic will be in deluxe scale starting this fall)
-Lengends Scale Wave 3: Optimus Prime w/Roller, Bumblebee w/Blazemaster
-Voyager Scale Wave 3: Springer (Triple-Changer), Blitzwing (Triple-Changer)

Transformers Platnium
-Ultra Magnus
-2 pack: Grimlock vs. Bruticus

Transformers Masterpeice
-Acid Storm, Soundwave
-TRU Exclusive

Transformers Titan Class
-over 24″ tall
-Metroplex!!! Wha?! Oh yeah!
-Fully transformable, designers call it “Big Baby”
-Titan Triple Changer w/Scamper
-Light up eyes, flip down visor, articulated pupils, independent cannons, head converts to gunner turret, sounds & phrases, fashionable and functional helmet (city mode)
-Firing projectile blaster, articulated hands/fingers, autobot repair bays, take-off/landing strips, weapon turrets, helipad landing zone (vehicle mode)
-Fall ’13 approx. $125

-Transformers continues and expanding with GI Joe and Star Trek
-Microchangers: Wave 2 – Blot, Bombshell Acidwing & Bulkhead, Groove, Arcee, Powerglide, Scourge, Lugnut, Perceptor, Hoist Wave 3: Beachcomber, Kickback, Huffer, Guzzler, Longhaul, Nemisis Prime, Thrust, Ramjet, Seawing, Sharkticon, Nosecone (missed a couple of them)
-Combiners Wave 2 – Defensor, Prianacon, Abominus
-Beast Hunters: Autobot Buliding Set (first ever Kre-o transofrmers playset)
-Kreon Figure Asst Wave 1 – customize 3 ways
-Stark Trek: on shelf 4/29/13
-Star Trek: Enterprise w/5 Kreons (Kirk, spock, McCoy and 2 specialists)
-Star Trek: Bird of Prey w/Kirk, Uhura and 2 Klingons
-Star Trek: Volcano Mission w/Spock and Sulu
-Star Trek: Transporter Set w/Scott and Klingon
-Star Trek: Micro Build Asst Enterprise, Klingon d7, Kelvin, Jellyfish
-Star Trek: Space Dive w/Kirk (first ever light up Kreon) and Specialist
-Star Trek: Kreon Asst 6 figs to start out and then another 12 after
-GI Joe: TRU Exclusive on shelf: 2/11/13
-GI Joe: Spring line (9 new building sets, 28 Kreons to collect
-GI Joe: Blowtorch, Land Adventurer, Dr. Mindbender, Cobra BAT, Flash & Major Blood
-GI Joe: Slice, Snow Job, Dreaknok Ripper, Tunnel Rat, Mutt & Junkyard & Cobra Eel
-GI Joe: Ghoststriker and Arashikage Dojo (Baroness, Destro, HISS Tank and 6 figs)

Source: AFI