It’s always amazing when archaeologists uncover an ancient monolith like Stonehenge. It’s even more amazing when it’s in the ocean. Yet, that’s exactly what they did. Researched discovered the monolith in a shallow channel off the coast of Sicily and they’ve determined that it is at least 10,000 years old. This has helped them to conclude that there was significant Mesolithic human activity in the Sicilian Channel region.

The 39 foot long statue is made from a single block of stone, but was broken into 2 pieces, with three holes drilled into it.

The researchers marveled at the technical skill needed to build a giant stone monolith:
“It required a cutting, extraction, transportation and installation, which undoubtedly reveals important technical skills and great engineering. The belief that our ancestors lacked the knowledge, skill and technology to exploit marine resources or make sea crossings, must be progressively abandoned.”

Source: Inhabitat