In what might be one of the most accidentally lucky things to happen to a comedian on YouTube, Stand-Up Adam Newman has struck internet gold with a recent on-stage experience in which he reached into the jacket pocket of a heckler and found himself with a hand full of felony by way of cocaine.

The video has only been up for a couple of days, but it has reached over 700,000 views already.

If this was staged, Newman still deserves the attention that he’s getting because he looks really freaked out and it looks plenty real to me.

Video description from Newman:
I pulled a bag of cocaine out of a heckler’s coat.

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I thought this would be a silly way to deal with a heckler, but I totally learned NOT TO GO THROUGH AN AUDIENCE MEMBER’S STUFF.

Even though I’m visibly thrown, I’m sharing this video because this is one of the strangest moments I’ve ever had on stage. You can decide if it was dumb or not, but it happened and I learned my lesson. It’s also the second time a heckler has been caught on stage with cocaine in the last few weeks! It’s time to CRACK down on these hecklers! There it is.