More than a century ago, the Pink and White Terraces at Lake Rotomahana in New Zealand, known as the Eigth Natural Wonder Of the World, were thought lost in a volcanic eruption. Now, a couple of researchers think that the terraces might be buried but intact, and they are intent on digging them out.

The Pink and White Terraces, were a popular tourist spot for world travelers until 1886, when Mount Tarawera erupted, and the site was thought to be destroyed by a blast that was equal in power to the biggest nuclear weapon ever detonated. However, it turns out that they might just be buried under somewhere between 32 to 49 feet of mud and ash

It turns out that the Government never fulled surveyed the area after the initial eruption, so the scientists aren’t even exactly sure where the terraces are supposed to be, but they think they’ve narrowed it down thanks to some unpublished research from 19th century geologist Ferdinand von Hochstetter.

If they are able to get funding, the researchers feel confident that they can not only locate the Terraces, but restore them to their former, pink and white glory.

Source: Inhabitat