I think that there are some great tattoos out there and there are some really stupid ones. With Dermal implants… I just can’t see the point. You are embedding foreign bodies inside your skin so that you can, what… look cool? Be an individual? What makes even less sense to me is what this Tattoo Artist from Dynasty Tattoo Newfield NJ did to himself. If there’s one part of my body I know not to mess with, it is my wrists. Not this guy though. he mounted four powerful magnets in his skin so that he could wear his iPod Touch like a watch. Clever, sure… but WTF?!

Besides, aren’t the magnets going to screw with the iPod anyways? Also, what happens when the next iPod touch comes out and is 1/3 the size? Time for new implants or will he be stuck with an old model and forced to play it off as “Ironic” or “Retro”

Source: Fyatattoos