As if bear skin rugs didn’t creep me out already… Chrissy Conant’s “Chrissy Skin Rug” is sexually suggestive “art/home decor,” despite its charming node to “Silence of the Lambs.” Description from her site:

“To exorcise a part of my psyche that feels powerless and objectified, I laid fully shaven, covered with Vaseline, and immobilized for hours, in a spread eagle position, while being covered with bucketfuls of gelatinous mold-making material. With the impressions, I made a life-sized, flesh-colored silicone rubber cast of myself as a human skin rug. The upturned head has long, perfectly coifed, wavy hair, that echoes the ripples in the flayed skin’s edge. The glossy-lipped mouth is open in a sexually suggestive way, and the glass eyes, complete with fantasy-length lashes, stare up submissively from the rustic wood floor section, upon which the rug is magnetically attached.”

Source: saatchi-gallery