We are looking for silliness wherever we can find it, and right now, we are finding it with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Muscles from Brussels wants to make sure that you obey any quarantine order set up by your local government. To help drive home the point, he’s sitting in his kitchen and playing with his ass… as well as his miniature pony.

While it makes sense to not go to a restaurant, keep in mind that your favorite local joints are going to suffer heavily over the next few months. Many of them are trying to pay their employees while the restaurants are closed, and a lot of them are not going to survive the loss of business. If you want to show support, give your favorite eateries a call over the next few days and see if you can buy a gift certificate or gift card. You know you’ll be eating there again. This just helps give them the money they need to make sure they are still open when all of this blows over.