How much does George Caltsoudas, a Canadian illustrator, love Batman The Animated Series? Well, the artist grew up watching the series as a child in Greece, and it inspired him so much that he’s created title art cards for every single one of the 65 episodes that make up the first season of the show.

“This cartoon really means something to me, because it was the way I truly embraced the batdom, being both thrilled and scared at the same time… “

We can only hope that he eventually releases prints of these to be sold, or possibly even teams up with Mondo or Acme Archives. These illustrations are just too beautiful to not be hanging on the walls of Batman fans all over the world.

AS hard as it is to pick favorites, we couldn’t really post them all for you, but we wanted to share some of the ones that really stood out.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Batman illustrations, as well as all of his other great art, HERE.

Source: Geekart