I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Japan gets all the coolest stuff and there’s been a recent trend of drink hangers popping up all over the land of the rising sun. What are Drink Hangers? They are essentially, little action figures that hang on the side of your cup or glass, watching you drink your soda or whiskey. They’ve even made a great set of Star Wars drink Hangers. However, as intimidating as it might be to finish your Dr. Pepper while Darth Vader gazes at you, having these new hangers on your cup are enough to make some people wet themselves… with both fear and delight.

Sadako vs Kayako, or The Ring vs The Grudge, as it’s being called in the US brings together Japanese horror icons on par with Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorheese.

While it might be hard to get any of these in the US, you be able to pick up the tiny figs (1-2 inches in length) in blind boxes for just under $4.50 (500 Yen).

I wonder if drinking a beverage sporting the Ring lady figure will make you die in seven days?


Source: Rocketnews