Elhannen Hossler and Marco McVarish love LEGO and Star Wars and they’ve got the creativity and imagination to bring them together in a way that no one ever has before. Last week, they had a chance to show off the fruits of their labor at Bricks Cascade 2019. Amazingly, the kids spent a full year working out all of the details and building all the various chambers and rooms that you might travel through while waiting to be digested for one thousand years. Along with a waiting lounge and a bar, it turns out the Sarlacc pit also has a swimming pool, research laboratory and even a dance club (with full lighting effects). Their love of Star Wars is so deep that they even managed to build in an Easter Egg for fans of the Star Wars novel Death Troopers, which they listened to the audiobook of while constructing their masterpiece.

As great as the creation is, you can hear Elhannen and Marco talk about the things they would like to do better or just felt they didn’t do a great job on. If this is a flawed LEGO diorama, I’d love to see what these two kids can do when they work on something until they think it’s perfect.