You’ve seen them before, the creepy little ceramic animals that sit on the shelf at your grandma’s or aunt’s house. Sometimes they are oddly painted horses or squirrels, if you are really unlucky, it’s clowns. Now, artists and ceramics restorer, Debra Voz is combining these already strange looking sculptures into little bits of creepy awesomeness. Here’s what she has to say about her art:

I play on the idea of the “mad scientist”, cutting things apart and forming them into something else, like Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein, but I often find my initial inspiration in the biological world. Some pretty amazing mutations, anomalies and unusual traits have been found in animals over history. “Freaks” have always amazed, but also amused and often frightened people – they are a source of mythology and folklore that is pervasive.

Source: Colossal