I’ve drunk vodka from a skull and Midori from a lizard, but this is something new. The new Tequila company, Mucha Liga Tequila has created a new line of the classic spirit that comes in packaging designed after traditional Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libre) masks.

Each mask is it’s own character and style of tequila:

BRAVO – Blanco (Blue Mask)
This is Tequila in its purest form, unaged and clear, the true flavor from Blue Agave, sensitive silver, natural, fresh, light and attractive. A trendy smoothness to be enjoyed neat.

CANIBAL – Repasado (Red Mask)
Rested in white oak barrels, our reposado is unlike any tequila with a great balance among the immediate presence of caramel and the gentle flavours of blue agave. An untamed expression of tequila.

INVICTO – Anejo (White Mask)
Matured from the fields, our agave then processed as tequila will be patient to rest in barrels to become a robust, smooth and bold AƱejo. A seductive and experienced expression of our familia.

Source: Foodiggity