Threadless has been one of the leaders in geeky t-shirts for years now, but now they are stepping up to create facemasks in the face of the new reality that is a COVID-19 world and beyond. the company just recently unveiled 50 pages worth of mask designs that range from images of famous artists and memes, to tributes to everything from Star Wars and Rick & Morty to The Simpsons, Totoro, David Bowie, and even Invader Zim. Besides, who wouldn’t want to wear a picture of Baby Yoda’s ass on their face?

As a bonus, this isn’t just about capitalism… well, it’s mostly about capitalism. But, in addition to the big money the company stands to make on the new masks, they will also be A donating a portion of the proceeds they earn for each face mask sale to MedShare, up to a $500K maximum donation.

Check out some of our favorites below and then head over to Threadless to grab one now for just $17.99