Finding the right engagement ring for my fiance’ was a challenge. She doesn’t like diamonds, she hates gold, and she won’t be caught dead wearing a solitaire. Thankfully, her love of Star Wars is at least on par with her love for me and I was able to get the good folks at Takara Jewelers to create a modified version of their Darth Vader Lightsaber ring. She loved it. I can’t imagine that she’d feel remotely the same had I given her a ring like what has been created by Icelandic artist Ágústa Sveinsdóttir.


In what is being called a “celebration of the fragile beauty that time and use impart to materials,” Ágústa has created a ring out of the dust left behind at abandoned Icelandic farms.

Interestingly, there is a cool feature to this dirt ring. Over time, the dust “stone” actually withers away to reveal some sort of manmade skeletal structure. So, if an abandoned farm dirt ring wasn’t sad enough, you also get to experience it as it slowly disintegrates before your very eyes.

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Source: Inhabitat