U.S. teen idols Jonas Brothers may be adored by crazed fangirls, but they are heavily despised by women who say they have ruined their wedding.

In an interview on “The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien,” Kevin Jonas spoke about how overzealous fans have disrupted several wedding parties held at the same hotels they’ve stayed at while on tour.

“We’ve had a couple instances where there’s been weddings going on during the time we were at the hotel,” Kevin Jonas said.

“We’ve had brides (say) like, ‘You’ve ruined my wedding.'”

“There’s 100 to 1,200 fans who show up, and the bride, her wedding’s just ruined,” brother Nick added. “Just screaming fans the whole time. … And we’ve actually sent apology gifts to the bride and the groom.”

Yes, because an apology gift basket will make everything better, turn back time and un-ruin a once in a lifetime wedding! If you ask me, screaming fangirls are just as entitled to being maced and beaten as rioters — because nobody is above an ass whupping, even if they are 14 years-old with pigtails and braces.

Source: UPI