The Walk of Fame honors five different categories of the pop arts: motion pictures, television, audio recording, radio, and live theater. Comic books has traditionally never been among them until now… sort of. Stan Lee, who recently turned 88, and a man who needs little introduction is expected to be honored and given the 2,428th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

Despite all he’s done for the comics media, Lee is expected to be honored next week for all his significant contributions to the television and movie canons. From the Walk of fame press release:

In 1981 Stan Lee transformed his Spider-Man and Hulk creations into Saturday morning and syndicated television cartoons. When Marvel Comics and Marvel Productions were acquired by New World Entertainment in 1986, Stan’s horizons expanded even further, giving him the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the creation and development of filmed projects for both the big and small screen. He supervised such diverse animated series as X-Men, Spider-Man and The Hulk. To date, Stan’s characters have populated over 24 separate television series, all of which continue in syndication around the world.

Lee would become the first person from the comics industry to receive star. To put this in perspective, DreamWork’s fictional CGI character Shrek has a star, Superman does not.

The unveiling of Lee’s star is expected to take place on Tuesday at 11.30 AM outside the Live Nation Building at 7072 Hollywood Boulevard.

The event will be hosted by Leron Gubler, the CEO/President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the notable guest speakers such as Gill Champion of POW!, Stan’s multi-media company and Todd McFarlane are expected to present.

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