We’ve seen robot toys that say they transform in the past. They cost $1000 and basically just fold in half. Now, Robosen has released the T9, a $499 toy robot that actually does a full transformation! Robosen first came to popularity online a few years ago when he released videos of modded out Transformer designs including Optimus Prime that were able to do a complete transformation.

While we’d love to see them cut a licensing deal with Hasbro to make these toys happen, we are also happy to see the T9 has actually come to fruition and is available on Amazon. The T9 is a fully-transformable, app-controlled, voice-command driven robot. If we hadn’t already spent our stimulus check on bills, there’s a solid chance that a chunk of it would have landed in one of these!

Along with the T9, Robosen is also getting ready to launch the K1 Interstellar Scout robot. While this one doesn’t transform, it can dance and even perform a flip.