Michael Clarke Duncan, 54, Oscar Nominated actor, and all around awesome seeming guy passed away unexpectedly. He suffered a heart attack a couple months ago and doctors are saying that he never fully recovered. During his first heart attack, his girlfriend, Amarosa (From The Apprentice), saved his life with CPR. This time, he was in the hospital with his girlfriend and her mom. Amarosa left the room for a moment and, when she returned, Duncan had passed.

Michael Clarke Duncan got his career start in Armageddon. It was not long after that when he was nominated for an Oscar for his work in Stephen King’s The Green Mile. Since then, he’s become a mainstay of geek friendly films like Sin City, The Green Lantern, Planet Of The Apes, and Daredevil.

He just recently finished work on what will be his final film, The Challenger, a boxing drama.

Source: Deadline