Robert Burden’s art has popped up on our site here and there over the years, usually as part of a gallery show at 1988 or something like that. This post is just about him… and really, just about one of his paintings. Burden has earned a reputation for making stunning murals that pay tribute to classic toys. With Star Wars Celebration coming up, it’s no wonder that his new Star Wars toy mural is making headlines.

The oil painting is titled The 20th Century Space Opera, measures a whoppping 15′ x 8′. As you look at it more and more, you’ll not only see tons of classic Star Wars toys, but you’ll also see references to some of the influences that helped pave the way to Star Wars like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven.

If you happen to find yourself at Star Wars Celebration, you can pick up a 3′ x 2′ print of the mural… or you can buy the original (which will be on display) for $200,000(USD).


Source: MightyMega