A while back, we heard that there was a new brand of beer getting ready to launch in the UK inspired by something very close to our hearts. That’s right, a Star War inspired beer now exists and it’s called Stormtrooper Beer. Now, before you go thinking that this is just another garbage beer with a fancy novelty label, we checked and the brewers have assured us that isn’ the case. They told us that they’ve gone out of their way to make sure Stormtrooper Beer would be a proper brand and not just a novelty that you buy once for the cool labels.

About those labels, they are admittedly pretty awesome and that is all because of artist Dan Stiles. He’s created amazing art for the cans and bottles of both Stormtrooper Beer varieties, The Lightspeed Pilsner and the Galactic Pale Ale. These aren’t just fan-creations either. As far as we know, the image of the Stormtrooper is “licensed from the guy who produced the original armour moulds for the first film.” That not only serves as the inspiration for the brand, but it means these bottles and cans are not only refreshing, but they are also collectibles!

The beer is currently available both in the UK where it is brewed as well as shipped to most major countries around the world. Grab yourself a case today HERE!

Original Stormtrooper Space Craft Beer has landed.

Expertly brewed at award-winning St Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk and inspired by the iconic armour designed by Shepperton Design Studio’s Andrew Ainsworth for the original film back in 1976, Stormtrooper beer will whet the appetite of any beer lover looking for a delicious and drinkable brew.

From imperial ales to imperious lagers, these officially licensed – and soon to be legiondary – beers boast impeccable craft credentials, coupled with eye-popping design. Resistance is futile…


About The Beer:

Our beer is exclusively produced by an elite garrison of hop shock troops, stationed at St. Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk.

The exceptional water quality – drawn from the brewery’s own deep well – ensures it has an excellent balance of minerals but virtually no nitrates; qualities which are very important throughout the brewing process and contribute to the full taste and pure character of all Stormtrooper beers.

Locally malted barley, along with Kentish hops and yeast hand-picked from a collection of over 350 different strains held by the National Collection of Yeast Cultures, is used to produce a range of classic cask-conditioned ales and lagers.