It’s hard to believe that Mario Bros is 35 years old, Super Mario 3 is 30 years old, and the Mario Bros movie that turned Dennis Hopper into a Lizard is 25! to celebrate the anniversary of Shigeru Miyamoto’s beloved plumber, the Bottlneck Gallery is currently showing a tribute to the Nintendo icon in all his forms. Check out some of the amazing art below!

Some of the amazing artists included in the show are:
Aaron Stattmiller, Nemons, Nate Bear, Michael Mateyko KOMBOH, Matt Kaufenberg, Maria Björnbom Öberg Bokkei, Luke Flowers, Kim Herbst, Joshua Gilbert, Jonathan Marks, Jared Flores Circusbear, Joel Abad, Felix Tindall, Eric Gonzalez, Drew Wise, Dave Pryor, Chris McGuire, DanoBanano Toys, Charles Ferguson Avery, CHOGRIN, Gemma Roman, Bobby O’herlihy, Betsy Bauer, Cesar Kone, Barry Blankenship, Ashton Gallagher, Ashly Lovett, Andrew Kolb, Andrew Kolb, Andrew Kolb, Beau Berkley, Scott Balmer, Scott Buoncristiano, Sherri Roger, Stephen Andrade, and Veks Van Hillik.

Source: Geek-art