Mondo is known for creating some of the most beautiful screen printed pop culture posters out there. Last week they held their very first convention to celebrate their fans and artists (and to release a truly sick Iron Giant figure that I’d give my left testicle for if it didn’t cost $200!). Anyways, just from the looks of these posters that we’ve got to show of care of Geekart, you can pretty well guarantee that they are going to sell out of tickets almost instantly for next year’s event.

The posters featured are:
– Landland – Iron Giant
– Jeff Soto – Munchausen
– The Iron Giant Vinyl Cover by Jason Edmiston
– Jason Edmiston – Iron Giant Art
– Daniel Danger – MondoCon Poster
– Jock – Shaun of the Dead Vinyl Cover
– Scott C – Pottery Series
– Mike Sutfin – Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
– Mike Sutfin – Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus Original
– Mike Mignola – First Hellboy
– Martin Ansin – Ghost In The Shell
– Big Trouble In Little China – The Immortal by Jason Edmiston