The winters in Siberia are long, so what can you do to pass the time? Well, for one Star Wars Fan and lover of The Mandalorian, the answer was simple! Let’s just build a replica of the Razorcrest.

The Razorcrest is one of those Star Wars vehicles that is always going to have a little controversy attached to it from here on out with fans. A relic of the Clone Wars, the ship was the base for Mando and a temporary home to Baby Yoda (we aren’t calling him Grogu). It was also the subject of a massively successful crowdfunding campaign from Hasbro. That made it all the more surprising when, at the end of season 2 of the series, it got blowed up. Well, now it’s coming back thanks to Instagrammer, Just.Ayaal.

After months of work, Ayaal Fyodorov and his fellow cosplayers have succeeded in creating a life-sized replica of the now-famous Star Wars vessel. Made mostly out of wood, the replica has a length of 14 meters, is 10 meters wide, and four meters high.