Despite the fact that Swedish artist, Kilian Eng prefers to work on a graphics tablet, his sci-fi inspired art has a feel more reminiscent of greats like Robert McGinnis, Ralph Mcquarrie, or HR Giger. This leads to a very retro/ 1970s style feel. The result is some truly stunning artwork filled with an immense amount of detail. While some of the works are definitely based off his own creations, you can also see some of his works that are based on Star Wars, Oblivion, The Legend of Zelda, Space Harrier, Alien, The Iron Giant, among others.

While you might not know him by name, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Eng’s art through a sold-out Mondo print, or through some of the hte work he’s done with Disney, HBO, Heavy Metal, Warner Bros, or the artists M83 and Miami Horror. Check out some of his work below and then give him some support on Instagram account and Behance.

Source: Geek-art