As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Netflix and Dreamworks have teamed up to bring back Voltron. Not the crappy one with 16 cars, but the Lion Force! Now, Hero Complex Gallery has put together an excellent new exhibition that pays tribute to the original cartoon while helping to promote the new series.

Some of the talented artists included in the show are: Bruce Yan, Doug LaRocca, Vance Kelly, Josan Gonzalez, Craig Drake, Nathan J. Anderson, Anthony Wu, Dan Mumford, Rich Pellegrino, Vincent Aseo, Joshua Budich, Luke Harrington, Keiko Murayama, Van Orton Design, Eugene Lee, and Matthew Johnson.

This one, by Josan Gonzalez, is my hands down favorite of the entire exhibition.

You can head over to Hero Complex and buy your favorite pieces HERE!

Source: Geekart