MTV is reporting that a canceled Twilight event turned a little bit ugly Monday morning. The even which was originally supposed to feature a meet and greet with Robert Pattinson in San Francisco has been planned to hold 500 fans. Unfortunately, over 3,000 fans showed up and quickly became violent.

“At least one girl was left bloody and several dozen others were pushed and prodded by the melee.” according to a Twilight fan blog.

They went on to say, “The event was a disaster due to poor organization and planning, with just one security guard responsible for corralling thousands of screaming fans. There was one security guy trying his best to control everyone, but soon there were more fans. … Hot Topic and the mall should have organized this better. I mean, come on, only 500 people were going to be allowed. I see why it turned into chaos. Everyone wanted to be part of the 500, including myself!”

“It was completely RIDICULOUS this morning!! I was there at 4 in the morning and signed up on a ‘list’ that was supposed to let how many people were supposed to get in, but apparently this list wasn’t valid,” user Cheyenne wrote. “It was completely UNORGANIZED and the Hot Topic people told us they ‘weren’t prepared for this big of a crowd.”