I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a similar announcement about something like this at Universal Studios Orlando sometime soon. The park has bought up a lot of land and rumors are that it is planning to have four parks open in Orlando in the next few years. That makes what’s happening in Japan even more important.

Universal Studios Japan is spending close to 500 million dollars on a slate of new attractions based around the popular gaming system and it’s internationally renowned licenses. To put that spend in context, it’s a full ten million more than they spent to build their Wizarding World of Harry Potter area.

It looks like they’ll be going all out with a full compliment of attractions, dining options and merch shops. You can bet that the whole thing will probably also be one massive Pokestop/ gym for all the Pokemon Go players out there.

The plan is to have the park open by 2020, so they can take advantage of all the people heading to Japan for the Summer Olympics.

Source: Rocketnews